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Testimonials & Reviews from Clients

This page features statements from clients about their experience with employing Nicolsons Electrolysis to permanently remove unwanted hairs. Some reviews were received by email while others were posted on Google and TrueLocal as indicated further below. For reasons of privacy some reviewers used aliases and for others we have replaced full names with initials or a first name.

Billie states: “Katherine somehow manages to make something that is inherently the kind of thing you never want to do into something you can look forward to. After all, having needles stuck into you is really not high on the list of things I really want to do. But Katherine is so skilled and comforting that it becomes a time to chat and reflect and the end result is sooo smooth.”

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Nicole states: “Katherine has been an excellent professional to receive Electrolysis from. Katherine is so knowledgeable, skillful and diligent in her work.
From the moment I first spoke to Katherine, she was so accommodating! She was very happy to answer my many questions and this was reassuring. Having sensitive skin has made me very reluctant to try anything that my skin would react to; but Katherine’s skilled approach meant that the whole process was very manageable in terms of pain, and my skin didn’t react at all!
Katherine has a kind and caring nature and you can see she genuinely wants the best for all of her clients. She is honest & comes with a great deal of experience, to ensure that each person receives the best possible treatment.
I would highly recommend Katherine to anyone considering Electrolysis. In fact, I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else!”

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JM states: “How lucky I was to find Katherine, such a competent and caring professional in electrolysis.
She uses the Apilus machine with Laurier probes, the latest and most efficient system of electrolysis.
The treatments I underwent on my face 40 years, and even 20 years ago, were quite painful and left redness for days.
Now within 30 minutes, I can go back to work.
I would unreservedly recommend Katherine as an exceptional specialist in electrolysis.”

KZ states: “I had been having regular laser treatments for years and spent thousands of dollars on unsatisfying results. Even though there was a reduction there was no permanent removal of hair growth.
Within a short time of seeing Katherine of Nicolsons Electrolysis, I had achieved permanent hair-free areas at a fraction of the cost I was spending having laser.
Katherine is warm, helpful and extremely well qualified and knowledgeable. I have referred three friends to Katherine already.
I will be sad to finally achieve my hair-free heaven as it will mean no more regular visits.”

Michael S states: “One of my concerns when considering electrolysis was would it be successful? After speaking to a number of electrologists I was most comfortable with Katherine and underwent a program of treatments over a two year period. Katherine is professional and dedicated in her role ensuring a successful outcome.
If you are in doubt, rest assured that a consistent approach will result in the areas treated being free of hair which is what we all want!”

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Susan states: “I have spent over 10 years and tens of thousands of dollars on ineffective methods such [as] IPL and Laser Treatment. I was very reluctant and distrustful of available solutions and new methods, as I did not want to be disappointed again.
After finding Katherine on the internet, I have now been visiting her for only 4 years. After the first few treatments I saw a remarkable difference and now only visit on the odd occasion for minor touch ups. Finally, I am hair-free (at least only where I like it to be).
Katherine is not only a true professional but also an extremely honest and accommodating person. I am more than happy to recommend Katherine as she has set me free and given me a new level of self-confidence that I have been seeking since my teenage years. Many thanks!!!”

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NJ states: “You will read a lot, you will question the best methods and try to receive the best value for your money. You’ll also want results in the quickest time possible.
Electrolysis is the only form of permanent hair removal. (That’s why the FDA in the USA will only certify electrolysis as permanent). IPL, Laser may reduce the quantity and thickness of your hair and at best leave a patchy result which is essentially Russian Roulette as to whether it will be at all permanent and work for you. Let alone operators who do not always have an intricate knowledge of hair, skin other than what the laser company instructor has taught them. There are ample documented ill-fated recipients of laser treatment on the internet.
Save your time, money and effort and go straight for the ‘Rolls Royce’ of treatments. The Apilus machine is the quickest and most effective form of removal anywhere in the world today. Only the most dedicated of operators will use this machine and rest assured they are expert electrologists who are devoted hair removal specialists. I am a recipient and spent many years trying all of the methods above. I only wish I had started with Apilus from the outset. I have a clinical / scientific background and the science is irrefutable as to what you can achieve with Apilus and a professional electrologist. A lethal combo to any unwanted hair you may have.
Let Katherine of Nicolson’s Electrolysis solve your unwanted hair problems. She is guaranteed to be your best friend in a very short space of time. I am happy for Katherine to pass on my details if you’d like to chat about my experience further.” 

DA states: “I have felt very comfortable having electrolysis with Katherine. I use to have a lot of excess hair on my chin, and now it is next to nothing, as I have only a few sessions left to go.
I thought that the treatment might be a bit painful but have found it to be completely fine.
I highly recommend Katherine if you are considering electrolysis. The results are fantastic, and Katherine is very professional.”

Ryan states: “In my long-term search to find a way to permanently remove unwanted hairs I’ve been to around 15 clinics for laser, IPL and electrolysis, mostly in Sydney; also in Canberra and other Australian cities. Laser & IPL didn’t work on my fair hairs and skin; even seemed to make things worse! And of the 10 or so electrologists I went to (including several that were general beauticians) I found the experience at Nicolsons Electrolysis to be the most effective and pleasant. After trialling the others this was the clinic I went to long-term for long sessions to treat face and body areas. Katherine is a professional while also making it feel relaxing and as a great listener and conversationalist the time was very enjoyable; the hours whizz by! The results have greatly boosted my self-confidence which has brought me greater happiness.”

The following are cited from reviews on Google.

K Foz wrote: Professional and very effective service. Relaxed and confortable environment with great sensitivity taken to what can feel a little embarrassing definitely recommend Nicholson’s electrolysis to any one looking to get rid of unwanted hair. Very reasonably priced!!”

Jane Pugh wrote: “Katherine is highly professional and uses up to date equipment. I have been going to Katherine for quite a while now and look forward to our appointments.
She has the ability to make her clients feel relaxed and at ease. I highly recommend you contact Katherine if you have unwanted hair. The treatment definitely works!”

Kween OfKwerK wrote: “The best in the business! Excellent service, excellent price, excellent results! Lovely informative website and helpful and friendly service.”

Anthea Priestley wrote: “I have been going to Nicolsons Electrolysis for a number of years. I have found Katherine to be very professional and the treatment has been effective for me in permanant removal of my unwanted hair. I highly recommend Nicolsons.”


On the TrueLocal site Kazawary wrote: “The best permanent hair eradicator in the inner west. I’ve been seeing Katherine for some time now and she has helped me reclaim my confidence and self-esteem by removing unsightly facial hair. Laser did not permanently remove the hair no matter what the promises. Electrolysis with Nicolsons Electrolysis permanently removed facial hair within a few treatments and I have now gone on to have other areas treated because I know my money is not wasted as with other methods of permanent hair removal.”


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