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February 2023 – We have moved! We are now at:
172 Darling Street, Balmain, Sydney, NSW, 2041, Australia.

Nicolsons is a specialist clinic in Sydney for the permanent removal of hair by electrolysis.

There are several methods that claim to reduce or remove unwanted hairs: laser and IPL are some of the better known treatments. However to remove hair permanently there’s only one procedure that is recognised as being truly effective by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration and the American Medical Association [1] …

It’s Electrolysis.


Electrolysis works on all skin and hair types. The procedure involves the insertion of a fine probe alongside the hair. A small electrical current is applied to cauterize the lower portion of the follicle. The hair is then removed. The treatment requires great precision in order to achieve 100% permanent hair removal results.

Areas that can be treated with electrolysis include lips, chin, cheek, eyebrow, ear, nose, shoulder, armpit, chest, breast, back, stomach, leg, feet and hand.

Electrolysis can also remove ingrown hairs, skin tags, milia (whiteheads) and broken capillaries.

You can learn more at the about electrolysis page.

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Sydney’s Nicolsons Electrolysis

The owner of Nicolsons Electrolysis is Katherine Spiric. Katherine trained and qualified in the UK and offers more than twenty years experience with electrolysis.

She is a Registered Nurse (non-practising).

The clinic is located in Balmain in a private setting on a quiet leafy street with free parking. It’s a short drive from the central city area; Sydney’s CBD. It’s also just a few minutes walk to the beautiful Sydney harbour.

We welcome female, male and transgender clients for either short or long appointments.

For more information see this page about the clinic, staff and technology.

For answers to specific questions please see the FAQs page. Topics that are covered include: safety and efficacy; prices; what you can expect during and after an electrolysis session; what you can do in preparation for a treatment; how to be more comfortable; and discussion about how long a course may require to achieve your permanent hair removal goals.

Please see further below for excerpts from customer reviews.

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For a quick visual overview see the short slideshow on our YouTube channel.

Client Reviews & Testimonials.

Below are some excerpts from reviews provided by clients. Longer versions of these statements can be read on the reviews and testimonials page. For privacy reasons the names have been shortened to initials or first name.

“I am more than happy to recommend Katherine as she has set me free and given me a new level of self-confidence that I have been seeking since my teenage years.” Susan

“Katherine has a kind and caring nature and you can see she genuinely wants the best for all of her clients. She is honest & comes with a great deal of experience, to ensure that each person receives the best possible treatment.” Nicole.

“Katherine is professional and dedicated in her role ensuring a successful outcome. If you are in doubt, rest assured that a consistent approach will result in the areas treated being free of hair which is what we all want!” Michael

“How lucky I was to find Katherine, such a competent and caring professional in electrolysis. She uses the Apilus machine … within 30 minutes, I can go back to work. I would unreservedly recommend Katherine as an exceptional specialist in electrolysis.” JM.

“The Apilus machine is the quickest and most effective form of removal anywhere in the world today … I only wish I had started with Apilus from the outset … Let Katherine of Nicolson’s Electrolysis solve your unwanted hair problems. She is guaranteed to be your best friend in a very short space of time. I am happy for Katherine to pass on my details if you’d like to chat about my experience further.” NJ

“Within a short time of seeing Katherine of Nicolsons Electrolysis, I had achieved permanent hair-free areas at a fraction of the cost I was spending having laser. Katherine is warm, helpful and extremely well qualified and knowledgeable.” KZ

“I highly recommend Katherine if you are considering electrolysis. The results are fantastic, and Katherine is very professional.” DA

“to permanently remove unwanted hairs I’ve been to around 15 clinics for laser, IPL and electrolysis, mostly in Sydney … I found the experience at Nicolsons Electrolysis to be the most effective and pleasant … this was the clinic I went to long-term for long sessions to treat face and body areas. Katherine is a professional while also making it feel relaxing … The results have greatly boosted my self-confidence which has brought me greater happiness.” Ryan

To discuss booking an obligation-free consultation, phone:
02 9555 7007 or 0416 165 475

There is an email-message form on the contact page which also features a location map.

Reference: [1] For the quotes and links about FDA and AMA endorsements for electrolysis please see the about electrolysis page.