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Nicolsons Electrolysis

Hair Removal Clinic in Balmain

About the Clinic, Technology & Staff

The Clinic: Nicolsons is located on Darling street in Balmain, a short drive from the Sydney CBD. A range of cafes and shops are a short walk away, along the street. The clinic has been located in Balmain since 2011. Prior to that it was in Leichardt. For a map and directions see the contact page.

Clinic Address

Technology: Nicolsons Electrolysis provides the latest and best in electrolysis technology. Benefits of the Apilus Platinum Pure technology include:

  • Enables 100% permanent hair removal.
  • Gentler and faster than previous electrolysis technology.
  • Effective on any skin and hair type.
  • Can also be used to treat skin tags, broken capillaries, ingrown hair and whiteheads (milia).

Nicolsons Electrolysis complies with the Public Health Act 2010 and the Public Health Regulation 2012 for skin penetration procedures.

New sterile, disposable probes are used for each client, for each treatment.

Autoclave sterilisation is used for instruments such as tweezers and disposable gloves and bed covers are used for each treatment.

About the Staff

The clinic is owned by Katherine Spiric. Katherine is a Registered Nurse (RN) though non-practising. She first qualified as an electrologist in 1994. Over two years experience in the UK early in her career gave Katherine a fantastic opportunity to further her studies and training in permanent hair removal with electrolysis for a great range of hair and skin types. Katherine has helped countless people from all walks of life to reclaim their skin and to free themselves of the worry and concern unwanted hair can cause.

With over 20 years specialised experience in electrolysis, Katherine Spiric delivers fast and permanent hair removal results.


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For further information please see the home page and for more detail on the method the about electrolysis page. The FAQs page has answers to common questions. Another page features a collection of testimonials and reviews from clients.

For a quick overview of key points see the below slideshow. It’s from our Nicolsons Electrolysis YouTube channel.

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