Nicolsons Electrolysis

Which areas can be treated?

Full face, including:

      • eyebrows
      • nose
      • ears

Most body areas:

      • bikini
      • underarm
      • chest
      • Breast (around the nipples)
      • abdomen
      • legs
      • back
      • shoulders
      • fingers
      • toes

 All hair types and colours are successfully treated, including hormonal hair.

Most areas can be treated; If you are unsure at all, make an enquiry with Katherine today.

Is It Safe?


Yes, when electrolysis is performed correctly and in capable hands it most definitely works and is safe. Electrolysis was developed over 100 years ago and is still the only scientifically and medically proven way to remove hair permanently.

There is no risk of scarring – if you have had treatment in the past that has left you with marks this has been due to a poor operator. Good electrologists are few and far between.

Do your research before you go ahead. 


Does Electrolysis require any commitment on my behalf?


Electrolysis does require a certain level of commitment from the client as it can take from 6 months to 2 years to complete a treatment, depending on the area and the lifestyle requirements, with time and cost also sometimes being the restrictions.

How to get the most out of your electrolysis treatments:

        • Have regular treatment as recommended
        • Do not tweeze or wax the hairs in between treatments
        • KEEP HYDRATED- drink plenty of water and follow a good skin care routine e.g. moisturise daily, exfoliate weekly and avoid prolonged sun exposure


What after-effects could I expect to experience?

There are no permanent side effects from electrolysis when it is performed correctly. It can be quite normal to experience redness and minor swelling in the area(s), and pin-point size scabbing may appear one to two days later which normally takes a week or two to heal.


In order to reduce such temporary side effects, you can discuss with your electrologist how to approach clearance of the area (the more intensely an area is worked upon, the more redness and swelling you will have). An ice pack applied directly after treatment can help to reduce the reaction. Redness and swelling will usually disappear 1 to 2 hours after a treatment.


At times some clients may experience small pimples in the area 1 to 2 days after treatment. These pimples are minor infections caused by bacteria entering the open hair follicle, most often from touching the area. Do not squeeze or pick at the pimples. After care is very important, please see below:


On the face the skin can vary from pink to red depending on the skins sensitivity in most cases the skin returns to normal within 15-30 minutes.
If the face has been tweezed or waxed excessively your skin may react more.

Remember to a good electrologist your skin is as important as removing the hair.

On body areas and when using multi-probe galvanic the skin will develop pin-prick scabbing, (which can last from a few days to 3 weeks), a natural part of the healing process. 

How long does Electrolysis take?

How long electrolysis may take depends on several factors: which area, what method(s) of hair removal has been used in the past, whether it is hormonally induced hair growth, whether it is laser-induced hair growth to name a few.
Each individual case is different. The quick answer is anywhere from 6 months to 2 years in total.

To elaborate a little further: if you are tweezing or waxing regularly you are removing many different hairs each time. When you remove a hair by the root it takes at least 6 or 8 weeks for that hair to grow through again. Some hairs take even longer, say 3 months, and some may stay in the dormant (telogen) phase for several months and not produce a hair for some length of time. 

If you have not been removing the hair at all then we still have to wait to see all of the hair grow and appear on any given area, which always takes several months in total.Hence the need for regular electrolysis treatments to keep the area clear of hair and to achieve permanent hair removal from start to finish.


Treatments are scheduled to suit your lifestyle and budget


Is there anything I should do in preparation for or during Electrolysis treatments?

It is very important not to wax or tweeze the hair as this encourages the hair to become stronger.

However you can cut, bleach, shave or use a depilatory cream.  

It is important that the skin is well cleaned, and moisturised beforehand.  

Pre-Treatment Care

Hydrate Inside and Out

      • Drink water every day (8 glasses is the standard recommendation)

      • Moisturise the skin twice a day (but not for 24 hrs after an electrolysis treatment)

A moist skin is easier for your electrologist to work on. It may mean lower settings and therefore more comfort for you.

A healthy, hydrated skin also recovers faster post-treatment


Minimise stimulants such as coffee and energy drinks prior to treatment.

Get plenty of sleep! A tired body is a more sensitive body.



Thinking of starting Electrolysis?

If you are tweezing (plucking), waxing or threading the hair: 

      • Stop removing the hair
      • Trim or cut the hair
      • Make an appointment for a consultation ASAP


If you are already having laser hair reduction:

Contact Katherine for advice on the best time to come in for a consultation (usually the time when you would be due for your next laser appointment) 



Post-Treatment Care


For 24 to 48 hrs after each treatment:

      • Do not touch the area with your hands or fingers
      • Keep the area clean and clear; Do not apply make up, sunscreen, moisturiser or any products other than those recommended by your electrologist for at least 24hrs, preferably 48hrs
      • Avoid heavy exercise and any activities which may make you hot and/or perspire
      • Avoid prolonged sun exposure
      • Apply a mild antiseptic or aloe vera once or twice per day.  Recommended products are Witch hazel, Aloe vera and Tea-tree oil.  When applying these products first wash your hands thoroughly and apply with clean cotton wool or wipes
        • Witch hazel is a good, natural cleanser and can be applied as often as necessary over the first 24- 48 hrs
        • Aloe Vera soothes the skin and is best applied straight after treatment and then again in the evenings
        • Tea tree oil is recommended only if you develop pimples after treatment. Only apply a very small amount of tea tree oil on a cotton bud which has been dipped in clean water first. Be very careful with tea tree oil as it is possible to burn the skin if used excessively and/or undiluted


Once you have started electrolysis do not tweeze, wax or thread the hair.

Shaving or trimming is okay


How much does a consultation for Electrolysis cost?

Initial consultations are free.  

Contact us to make an appointment. 

Where is Nicolsons Electrolysis located?

Nicolsons Electrolysis is conveniently located in the leafy and scenic Sydney suburb of Balmain.  

72 Glassop Street
Balmain, SYDNEY
0416 165 475

Contact us to make an appointment. 

When can I make an appointment with Nicolsons Electrolysis?

Clinic hours: 

      • Monday 10am - 7pm
      • Tuesday 10am - 7pm
      • Wednesday 10am - 7pm
      • Thursday 10am - 7pm

      • Saturday 9am - 5pm 

How can I make an appointment with Nicolsons Electrolysis?

Make an appointment by phone, or send an email for additional information or available appointment times.

Phone: 02 9555 7007
Mobile: 0416 165 475
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