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Nicolsons Electrolysis uses up-to-date equipment in order to provide further comfort and to produce faster results


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  • 100% permanent

  • Works on any skin and hair type

  • Treats all body areas


Electrolysis by Skilled Hands

Katherine Spiric R.N. (non-practising) first qualified as an electrologist in 1994.  Over two years experience in the UK early in her career gave Katherine a fantastic opportunity to further her studies and training in electrolysis with all hair and skin types.  Katherine has helped countless people from all walks of life to reclaim their skin and to free themselves of the worry and concern unwanted hair can cause.


With over 20 years’ specialised experience in electrolysis, Katherine Spiric R.N. (non-practising) (AABTh Elec.) delivers fast and permanent results. 


Nicolsons Electrolysis provides the latest and best in electrolysis technology. The Apilus Platinum Pure gives the added advantage of being gentler and faster than previous electrolysis technology. At Nicolsons Electrolysis, the Laurier Probe is used exclusively to provide the absolute best results, even more comfort and less skin reaction.


Nicolsons Electrolysis complies with the Public Health Act 2010- Skin Penetration Procedures and the Public Health Regulation 2012.

New sterile, disposable needles are used for each client, for each treatment.

Autoclave sterilisation is used for instruments such as tweezers and disposable gloves and bed covers are used for each treatment.


Located in a private setting yet close to the city with free parking


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